Entertainment, apart from movies, has found its form in gaming. Recession or no recession, PC and console games have found their way into homes of all avid gamers, mostly students.

With the latest games flying off shelves in no time, gamers are a happy lot. Industry experts say that with increasing number of people taking up gaming as a hobby, the opportunities are still abundant.

“It’s the cheapest form of entertainment. If you look at prices of the games in India, they start from Rs. 999, which is much cheaper when compared to global prices. Moreover, there is a lot of potential in the marketing and sales for those looking out for jobs in the gaming industry,” says Ajay Khanna, General Manager, EA Games India Pvt. Ltd. However, if experts are to be believed, the demand for skill in the areas of gaming and animation will be quite optimistic. “There is a lot of demand in technical and artistic areas, apart from Business Development, marketing and sales. The game development process requires talented creative engineers and good artists who help to create a new world. Like the movies, you have to surprise the gamer with new things, so one has to constantly keep exploring new ideas and try to find new things,” adds Mihai Phontu, Sr. Director, Worldwide Quality Assurance, Electronic Arts. One has to be equipped with basic skills such as programming and several aspects of animations too. But most of the learning is done at work. “One can start at an entry level and work their way to the top. When students are recruited, they should have good knowledge of game culture and analytical skills. But every one learns on the job,” adds Mr. Phontu.

“The industry looks for people with an affinity towards art and programming. With an artistic as well as technical background, one can make their mark in the industry. Right from modeller’s, concept artists to programmers, it boils down to the individuals passion about gaming,” points out Mark Van Ryswyk, Senior Director of Worldwide Outsourcing, Electronic Arts.


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