KBN College: People are talking a lot about communication and soft skills, but they are not giving enough emphasis on changing the overall atmosphere. For example, acquiring these skills cannot be a short-term affair. One should pay continuous attention, which is strangely lacking in our system.

Despite the talk about grooming of these skills, I find some glaring gaps which need to be filled.

In my opinion, the overall atmosphere on the campuses should be changed bringing in the spirit of sharing among the students. The teachers from all the departments should also take an active role in promoting soft skills. This will give a new confidence to every student to come out of their shell and speak freely to others. An effective expression is the key to success, which is possible only when we groom these skills carefully. There are countless instances in which the young people showed a rare display of talent and skills. Given a chance, our students could achieve anything and they are capable of holding any responsibility.

The colleges are doing a lot these days to bring students from across the institutions and conduct competitions to bring out the best from them. These are good opportunities for students to enhance their skills. Any amount of work in the realm of providing skills to students is incomplete and they deserve constant improvement in tune with the changing scenario. It is all the more relevant given the increasing competition from the industry. With many talents, we can give more to the country by taking every opportunity that knocks on our doors.

For this, we have to be ever vigilant and constantly upgrade our skills. We have to boldly accept all responsibilities to lead the country forward.