Introducing research methodology – A beginner’s guide to doing a research project

Uwe Flick

Sage Publications India

Price: Rs. 425

The book is a systematic guide to a research project and easy to understand for someone doing research the first time.

Features, advantages and disadvantages, and differences between qualitative and quantitative methods could help you decide upon your approach to your project.

It broadly tells you how to gather and analyse data; combine different research approaches; how to write a proposal for a research project; understand the starting points for social research; how to formulate research questions; what is e-research and how to analyse Internet documents; correct use of references; checklist for evaluating your project; challenges and ethical issues in social research; and how to present results of research to different audiences.

A reference list of books is given at the end of each chapter for comprehensive reading of specific topics.

SEEK — Finding your true calling

Rakesh Godhwani

Random House India

Price: Rs. 150

IIM Bangalore alumnus Rakesh Godhwani has chronicled the career trajectories of former students from his alma mater.

Seek — Find your true calling answers some of the questions that typically rattle young students who have little exposure to the practical environment in the corporate world.

See for yourself — how these people with different backgrounds, from IT to oil and gas, went about their careers. At the end of each chapter, the opportunities available in varied fields are listed out.

The author has charted out the top principles for a good career from his experiences, and has given tips on building a good career.

Compiled by Bincy Mathew