Nurturing relationship

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FRIENDLY BOND: A healthy interaction improves relationships.
FRIENDLY BOND: A healthy interaction improves relationships.


ANDHRA MEDICAL COLLEGE: Five thousand years ago, on the banks of river Indus, two cities built on the foundations of robust social structure flourished. Today they are revered as Harappa and Mohenjodaro in history textbooks, the first cities known for strong relations in society in our country. Somehow, they vanished and along with them, their ideals. If we think of the worsening relations in this hi- tech era, we will concede that history is repeating itself in alarming congruency and the civilization our age has so elegantly constructed shall bear the brunt if these frail bonds are not bettered at the earliest.Few days ago when we assembled for a development meeting in our hostel, we went aghast by the fact that we could not recognize our immediate juniors. Matters were worse for our super seniors who could not distinguish between juniors and outsiders. This incident epitomizes the degrading relations between different batches in college. Few weeks from now, a fresh batch will enter the institutions and the every year clamour of ragging and its punishments will be stressed upon. There will be college surveillance helping the college staff to see that no untoward incident takes place and in this process a prominent custom is becoming the causality- 'interaction'. The problem is that, the difference between interaction and ragging is very minute. Evoking humour is interaction, infliction is ragging; suggesting a junior the book to be followed is interaction, bullying him to buy it for our usage is ragging; nurturing camaraderie is interaction while physical and mental torture is ragging. Students who surpass all the limits in insulting juniors to earn heroic tag to their names must unquestionably be punished but at the same time genuine advices that elders deliver to younger batches must be encouraged. Even students of the same batch do not enjoy perfect friendship with all others. Roommates do not speak to one another and even in the unit of eight, one does not know the names of the rest, forget about bio-data. Students who pass out from one school do not talk to students from other schools in college and education whose main intention is to carve out good and responsible citizens capable of establishing ideal relations, is falling short of its objective. We have aims of touching the sky and ambitions of turning impossible to possible. We complain that we need to be selfish and prefer solitude to achieve them. Didn't Tensing Norway's achievement stand out in the team of trekkers who scaled the Everest for the fist time? Did Ronaldhino's talent lose its repute by playing with the other ten? In this fast-paced life we do not bother who lives in our next apartment or who is the other student from our college in the colony and so on. Some fear that the next person may hate us and remain silent. Who knows? Your neighbour may also be suffering the same thought. Go, start a conversation and you shall not be disparaged in anyone's view by doing so. Today we are excessively profit-minded. We wish teachers to see that we fare well in Viva voce (even that habit gets lost once we pass out of the department). We talk to people only if they have a favour for us under their sleeve. How many of us remember talking to a lab assistant after practical exams? We need not befriend every one we meet but at least we need a hand full of friends with whom we can both celebrate and share our failures. The truth, irrelevant of whether we agree or not, is that we are all entangled in the larger web called civilization and living with the sole objective of personal gain will put us in hot water. Some quote religion to segregate people. Any religion in this world is built on the ideas of philanthropy and unity. This entire fanatic furore to divide society is only a misinterpretation of philosophy.These points may appear too trivial and unimportant for some of us. If so, go, shut your doors and study day and night oblivious of Typhoid to an inmate in the next room or the demise of an avuncular personality around. Twenty years from now, you will have all the riches in the world, with a Mercedes and a Mansion. Inside in a corner you will be suffering loneliness with eyes longing for friends to share your costly Champagne. But they will not be coming then!



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