(Members of E-Plus clubs in colleges have been given the following topic for discussion and debate)

Theme: Magazines and newspapers are our daily companions for getting useful information. Catering to varied tastes, newspapers and periodicals are also targeted at specific groups. There are some which have become household names and some which have found a place for themselves among a niche audience. This week’s schedule is meant to take a closer look at them.

The Pick: Recollect one of your favourite articles from a magazine or newspaper. What was it about and what did you like about it? Come forward and tell us.

First Impressions: Magazines spend a lot of effort designing their cover pages to make a good impression. Often it’s the image on the cover pages that draws our attention to magazines.

Take a look at some of the magazines/newspapers in your local bookstore and talk about the one bearing the most striking/interesting cover design. What is the magazine about and also tell us how accurate/misleading the cover image was.

Getting Involved: Let’s discuss your school/college magazine. Have you been involved in any way through contributing articles, photos etc., or by helping with the editing and publishing?

Talk about your experience and also your ideas on what could be done to make the magazine better.

Your Own: If you are asked to start a magazine of your own, what will you choose as your theme? Also tell us how you will collect articles and photos. What will your plans be for publishing and distributing?

Time Tested: Do some research on some of the oldest magazines/newspapers and write an essay on how they started, the people behind them and what were they all about in the initial days.

Debate: Some magazines are only about sensationalising and baseless rumours.

Soumalaya Chakraborty