The following are the new additions in the British Library, Thiruvananthapuram. These books will be on display from January 16.Ball, D. - Forty Harder Problems for the Classroom; Barry, S.- A Long Long Way; Biology; Botting, F - The Gothic; Brown, D. - Ancient India : Land of Mystery; Buscombe, E. - Cinema Today; Cho, G. - Geographic Information Science: mastering the legal issues; Cracknell, D. G. - Company Law; Ellse, M. - Electricity and Thermal Physics; Ferris, K. - Football: terms and teams; Gibson, B. - Criminal Justice Act 2003: the statute.Hinton, M. - Introducing Information Management: the business approach; Hunt, A. - Advanced Level Practical Work for Chemistry; Illner, R. - Mathematical Modelling: a case studies approach; Manby, C. - Ready or Not; Marks, S. - International Human Rights Lexicon; Smethurst, W. - Writing for Television; Smith, Z. - On Beauty; Thomas, R. - Sun at Midnight; Vandome, N.- Digital Photography in Easy Steps.