British Library

The following are the new additions in the British Library, Thiruvananthapuram. These books will be on display from October 9.Buick, T. - How to Photograph the Moon and Planets with Your Digital Camera; Desai, V. - Doing Development Research; Gelder, K.- Popular Fiction: the logics and practices of a literary field; Gilb, T. - CompetitiveEngineering; Hicks, J. W. - 50 Signs of Mental Illness; Jones, M.- CIMCoursebook: customer communications; Krois-Lindner, A. - International Legal English Student's Book with 3 Audio CDs; Lemesurier, P. - The Unknown Nostradamus; Luce, E. - In spite of the gods: The strange rise of Modern India; Martin, S. - Roitt's Essential Immunology.Mehta, S. - Handbook of General Surgical Emergencies; Mukhopadhyay, S.N.- Advanced Process Biotechnology; Powell, K. - New Architecture in Britain; Reichert, E. - Understanding Human Rights: an exercise book; Russell, B. - Roads to Freedom; Smartt, U. - Media Law for Journalists; Stevenson,R. - The Oxford English Literary History: Vol 12 1960 - 2000 The last of England?; Streatfeild, D. - Brainwash: the secret history of mind control; Sugars, B. J. - Instant Team Building; Tooley, M. - Electronic Circuits: fundamentals and applications.KCHR LibraryThe following are the new additions at the Kerala Council for Historical Research Library, Thiruvananthapuram.Vidya Munshi, In Retrospect: War Time Memories and Thoughts on Women Movement, (2006); Sheema Majeed (Ed.), Culture and Identity: Selected English Writings of Faiz, (2006); Rajendra Vora And Anne Feldhaus, Region, Culture and Politics in India, (2006); Anindyo Roy, Civility and Empire: Literature and Culture in British India, 1822-1922, (2006); Mike Dash, Thug: The True Story of India's Murderous Cult, (2006); Akbar M .J, Blood Brothers: A Family Saga, (2006); Narasimha Rao, Ayodhya 6th December 1992, (2006); Asim Roy (Ed.), Islam in History and Politics: Perspectives From South Asia, (2006); Arvind Sharma, Hindu Egalitarianism: Equality or Justice?, (2006); Aditya Nigam, The Insurrection of Little Selves: The Crisis of Secular- Nationalism in India, ( 2006); Chandreyee Niyogi (Ed.), Reorienting Orientalism, (2006); Gyanendra Pandey, Routine Violence: Nations, Fragments Histories, (2006), Susan Watkins (Ed.), Front Lines: Selections From New Left Review-3, (2006); Vaasanthi, Cut-outs, Caste and Cine Stars: The World of Tamil Politics, (2006); Aggarwal. S.N, The Heroes of Cellular Jail, (2006); Nandita Prasad Sahai , Politics of Patronage and Protest: The State, Society and Artisans in Early Modern Rajasthan, (2006); Edna Fernandes, Holy Warriors: A Journey Into The Heart of Indian Fundamentalism, (2006); David Hardiman , Histories For The Subordinated, (2006); Raghuramaraju A, Debates in Indian Philosophy: Classical Colonial and Contemporary, (2006); Vinay Lal and Ashis Nandy (Ed.), Finger Printing Popular Culture: The Mythic and The Iconic in Indian Cinema, (2006).