KCHR Library

The new additions to Kerala Council for Historical Research Library, Thiruvananthapuram.

Gonsalves, Peter. (2010). Clothing for liberation: A communication analysis of Gandhi's swadeshi revolution . New Delhi: Sage.

Stallabrass, Julian. (2006). High art lite: The rise and fall of young British art . London: Verso.

Baudrillard, Jean. (2001). Impossible exchange . London: Verso.

Feyerabend, Paul. (2011). The tyranny of science . Cambridge: Polity.

Debord, Guy. (2009). Panegyric , Vol.1 & 2. London: Verso.

Dalrymple, William. (2010). Nine lives: In search of sacred in modern India . London: Bloomsbury.

Lakshmindhar Mishra. (2011). Human bondage: Tracing its roots in India . New Delhi: Sage.

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