Careers of successful individuals show they attribute their success to interpersonal skills (85 per cent) and academic skills (15 per cent), said Prof. M.V.R. Raju, Head of Psychology Department, Andhra University. Stressing the need for time management, he said priorities in life are important, and time is to be planned properly, said.

Delivering the keynote address at a workshop on ‘Personal Effectiveness’ organised by the Students Welfare Centre of Kakatiya University here, Prof. Raju said interpersonal relations are very important for one’s success in career.

“How well you communicate is key to how you relate to your friends, classmates and teachers,” he pointed out.

The personality development expert said the students should broaden their knowledge base by reading and networking with related people and be like a sponge in absorbing knowledge.

For self-development, students should identify their strengths and weaknesses, he said. Besides, they should also try to learn from success stories, he said. “Don’t be afraid to be in the “discomfort zone”, the risk zone, trying something new, being more than you are now and stretching yourself to new limits,” Prof. Raju told the students.

University Vice-Chancellor Prof. N.Linga Murthy advised the students not to waste their valuable time in unproductive things.