Careers of successful individualsshow they attributetheir success tointerpersonal skills (85 percent) and academic skills (15per cent), said Prof. M.V.R.Raju, Head of Psychology Department,Andhra University.Stressing the need for timemanagement, he said prioritiesin life are important, andtime is to be planned properly,said.Delivering the keynote addressat a workshop on `PersonalEffectiveness'organised by the StudentsWelfare Centre of KakatiyaUniversity here, Prof. Rajusaid interpersonal relationsare very important for one'ssuccess in career."How well you communicateis key to how you relateto your friends, classmatesand teachers," he pointed out.The personality developmentexpert said the studentsshould broaden their knowledgebase by reading and networkingwith related peopleand be like a sponge in absorbingknowledge.For self-development, studentsshould identify theirstrengths and weaknesses, hesaid. Besides, they should alsotry to learn from success stories,he said. "Don't be afraidto be in the "discomfortzone", the risk zone, tryingsomething new, being morethan you are now and stretchingyourself to new limits,"Prof. Raju told the students.University Vice-ChancellorProf. N.Linga Murthy advisedthe students not towaste their valuable time inunproductive things.GOLLAPUDI SRINIVASA RAO,

in Warangal