The what and how of a successful life

“To achieve one’s own potential is what happiness really is all about,” said a philosopher. Success does not mean beating everyone, it is to better oneself each day. To achieve success in life is to become a well-integrated person through education, socialising and knowing the goal of life.

Many of us are indeed reasonably successful; nevertheless, we are haunted by the suspicion that we are not doing our best, especially in studies. It is because of the external factors such as pressure from parents, teachers and colleagues. Often we mess things up with our goals and the goals that society expects from us. This results in unhappiness and frustration. How then can we be more successful?

Dare to make mistakes. George Bernard Shaw said, “A man learns to skate by staggering about, making a fool of himself. Indeed, he progresses in all things by resolutely making a fool of himself.” In many of us, a mistake means “you are good for nothing.”

This imprinted belief has to change. Great men do not hesitate to dare and experiment. Daring to be different has made so many people great.

Thomas Alva Edison is one of the finest examples. It was his continual failure which culminated in the invention of the bulb.

Pep up your life: Workload, study, assignment, stress and fatigue can exhaust you. But who has achieved success without hard work? One can get creative and also take interest in games and hobbies.

Apply oneself: Application is what one has to cultivate in order to achieve one’s goal. The best way to go about it is to budget time. The division of time can help immensely in pursuing the long-term goal.

Beat boredom: A common complaint of the students is that they feel bored with studies. To overcome this, they can hold discussions in a smaller group, debate on a particular topic and interact with the teachers about the subject.

Tap your hidden energy: Human beings are bestowed with unlimited amount of energy, especially in the prime of life. This energy should be invested for personal improvement. There is no lack of intelligence. It is the lack of tapping it and an appropriate environment to express it.

This is the apt time to buckle up! The examinations are on and our performance will depend on how mentally ready we are to push ourselves in life. Let’s pass the exam with flying colours and go for the luxurious summer holidays!

(The writer is a student of St. Aloysius College, Mangalore, and is currently studying in second year B.A.)