Recapitulating the past is a drain on your energy

Memory is simply an art of remembering, may it be a situation, a thing, a number or anything that is arbitrary. Our brain hosts the memory where we store and register. It is just not a container of our present business and habits, it rather carries the imprints of our past, fresh pink, in it. It is our storehouse. It is our power plant, which generates actions and reactions.

We want our memory to overflow. We want it to be evergreen, for not being able to see the leaves of memory detaching from a winter tree brain. Has it ever been difficult for us to remember our achievements, the happiest moments of our life? Have you ever tried to recollect your failures and dark nights? I understand both are easily recapitulated. Now, what do you call memory — a boon or a bane?

Better option

Life without memory is no life. But don’t you think “no life” is better than a depressed, tortured life filled with discontentment and disappointments, where nothing is left to rejoice and enough reasons to complain? But this argument doesn’t mean you should run away from the difficulties of life. It’s of course your right and duty to stay unmoved by them. Remember,

I am not asking you to be chicken hearted. Face your problems with a strong heart. But life is not a bed of roses. If your memory can leave you only with a restless, peaceless mind filled only with regrets, then damn that memory.

A life without pain and agony is far better than a life adorned with success and achievements. This memory only holds us back, forces us to go back to our past, it rather never takes us forward.

Erase the past imprints and then see the difference it makes in your life.

(The author is in second semester, Vidya Vardhaka College of Engineering, Mysore)