The Water Institute of Karunya University, Coimbatore, will offer an M. Tech. course in Integrated Water Resources Management from the ensuing academic year.

The course is a two-year inter-disciplinary one with curricula and syllabi drafted based on the spirit of Agenda 21 of Rio Summit, the Dublin Conference and the Water Meet at Stockholm.


According to E.J. James, Director of the Institute, graduates in any discipline of engineering and post-graduates in physical sciences such as physics, chemistry, mathematics, geology, environmental sciences, etc., are eligible to apply.

The course is relevant in the context of integrated management of natural resources and holistic approach in resource management. The funding for projects in the water sector by international agencies is on the increase and experts are needed to formulate projects, implement, monitor and evaluate these projects.

Most of the non-governmental organisations and consultants in the country are also engaged in sustainable water resources development projects.

Apart from that, the government projects are often prepared by consultants in the field.

There is also scope for innovative methods, techniques and devices and instruments for water treatment and purification.

The scope of the course has to be seen in this background.

The course will introduce the scholars to exercises to match water availability and use, seek to develop alternative land use and water allocation policies, legal and institutional arrangements from the local watersheds to the river basin scale, methods to achieve participatory approach, EIA, BCA and ecosystem approach in water management.


Application of modelling, systems approach, isotopes, RS / GIS and DSS in water management will form part of the course. Professional training and thesis work are integral parts of the course.

Those interested may contact E.J. James, Director, Water Institute, Karunya University, Karunya Nagar, Coimbatore – 641114 (Ph: 0422-2614600 / 94878-46529); ).

Application forms can be downloaded from the website

– Staff Reporter