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VALUES MATTER: With respect we can impress people and win over others.
VALUES MATTER: With respect we can impress people and win over others.


SRR and CVR Government College: Self-respect is one of the important traits of character and conduct, which will help us to build good image and relish success in our lives.

Treat others with respect. This is the golden rule advocated by many for establishing strong and lasting relationships.

If we consciously chart our plans giving due respect to people along the way, there is no way we cannot meet success in our path.


Our teachers and elders keep telling us about the importance of respect in smoothening social relations.

A person is judged by his or her ability in making contacts and sustaining them fruitfully.

In my view, one can build on one’s contacts through relentless efforts and by giving respect to others.

There are innumerable examples of how people by sheer virtue of their respectable behaviour scaled high ranks in life.

Our elders say that one should not under any circumstances hurt or threaten others even at the least provocation.

This is not a respectable way of living.

We should not throw caution to winds and start picking up arguments with others.


This kind of a situation arises often if we do not have patience and determination. With a little understanding of others’ strengths and weaknesses, we will be able to empathise with them. Then there will not arise any situation of conflict.


Another important aspect of building a highly respectable image is to understand the feelings of others.

If we make an effort to understand others, then we will not tend to look negatively at their situation.

Positive attitude

A positive attitude is possible only when we seek to know others’ problems and try to solve them.

This kind of helping attitude will make new and good friends, while not alienating old ones.

With respect, we can impress people and also win others over to our side.

It will be a great advantage if a person keeps cultivating mutual respect.

Sharing joy

This is the way one can share the joy and happiness with others. When a mutually trustworthy atmosphere is created, people will be ready to share their experiences and contribute to the growth of the relationships rather than turning away from others.



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