In today's era of liberalisation and economic growth, competition is becoming increasingly cutthroat and intense. It has become quintessential for students to have practical exposure while still in college. Employers are demanding more, and rank, internships as an essential part of ones resume besides looking for good communication skills in a candidate.

Sure, one can get an excellent job opportunity without doing an internship, but the knowledge that one gains, will ensure a head start over the others.

Moreover it helps one to ‘test the waters' before plunging head long into a career which may or may not be cut out for them.

From assisting a fashion designer to writing for a website or even learning the ropes in a corporation, no matter how big or small an opening, one can get an insider's view at a real life job scenario.

Universities and colleges have now made it compulsory for students to participate in internship programmes as part of their curriculum. “I had to do an internship in accountancy as it was mandatory.

It really helped me in a huge way, and today I am happy with my chosen field,” says Miheeka Jhaveri.

Affirms employee Lisa Ray, “internships are a fantastic way of assisting your own career decisions. They allow you to have an extensive exposure and hands on training.”

Although college is an amazing place to learn self-reliance and independence it is also a place which breeds procrastination.

Therefore an internship is a great experience to hone those qualities and to discard the negatives. By working in an office setting one can put to work all the knowledge one has learned in a classroom and improve on ones leadership skills.

From the initial stages of preparing a professional resume and going for an interview, to the final stages of meeting deadlines and building a network, the experience only proves to be beneficial. Opines lecturer Piyush Sawhney, “Apprenticeship is part of acquiring the knowledge base and skill-set needed to succeed in any field, nothing takes the place of experience, especially under the guidance of a professional.

It also helps one decide on a particular field that he or she would like to venture into while harnessing his/her strengths and weaknesses.”

It is also not unusual for recent grads to take an unpaid internship with hopes of turning it into a permanent position. Sainesh Mathur a student quips, “The experience of working in a corporate set up, learning about customer relations, making phone calls and interacting with people from various parts of the world like Egypt and Morocco are a few of the many reasons which has made this a great leaning experience for me.”

Today, a number of good jobs are available and companies are looking to hire and train, young and talented interns who are enthusiastic and willing to work.

With incentives galore and opportunities unlimited it is time to take the next big leap into the world of professionals.

Rima Karan

By working in an office setting one can put to work all the knowledge one has gained in a classroom