The three-day 69th session of the Indian History Congress (IHC) beginning on December 28 is all set to be a major academic event hosted by the Kannur University. Expectedly, the university has mobilised all its institutional resources to organise it in a way that befits the importance of the event.

For this youngest university in the State, the chance to host IHC is treated as a privilege or honour because it is an event much sought after by prestigious academic institutions in the country. University officials share a feeling that IHC scheduled to be held here from December 28 to 30 has already elevated the university to the status of an established academic institution. An organising committee with Vice-Chancellor P. Chandramohan as chairman and M. Prakasan, MLA, as general convener has been constituted to hold the three-day congress.

IHC is a forum of teachers and scholars of history with a membership of 8,600. It is an annual conference and, in a sense, an international gathering of historians as scholars from neighbouring countries and researchers from abroad make use of the opportunity to meet scholars and exchange views on topics and issues relating to history.

C. Balan, head of the department of history, Kannur University, and local secretary of IHC, has informed that nearly 1,500 delegates from India and abroad will participate in the congress, which is scheduled to be held in 10 sessions. There will be sessions on archaeology, ancient history, medieval history, modern history and history of countries other than India, Dr. Balan said.

Noted historians Irfan Habib, Champaka Lakshmi, Romila Thapar, K.N. Panikkar (who is the general president of IHC), M.G.S. Narayanan, K.K.N. Kurup, B.P. Sahu and R.P. Rana are among those attending the conference. Apart from the seminar sessions, the congress also includes two symposiums - one being organised by the Centre for Advanced Studies of the department of history of Aligarh Muslim University on a most relevant contemporary issue of history and another by the Union Cultural Affairs Ministry.