The prestigious institute is planning to modernise its Maths library construct a hostel.

The Institute of Mathematical Sciences (IMSc), Taramani, which recently wrapped up its golden jubilee celebrations with scholarly debates on esoterica as quantum gravity, looking beyond the Nash Equilibrium or why accelerating electrons avoid each other, has plans for significant expansion over the next few years.

Central to the institute’s future plans are a major library upgrade and acquisition of land to construct a hostel.

According to an institute spokesman, the hostel project is key to future expansion for the IMSc, as the existing facilities are inadequate for the 165 students attached to various departments.

The library expansion plan, which is another important expansion proposal, will virtually double the existing 15,000 sq ft.

The plan includes creating storage space for 70,000 books and 70,000 bound volumes, reading/seating space for about 200 users and a dedicated facility for walk-in users from University/colleges/schools to access, view and print online journals and other reading materials.

The project also envisaged establishing a digitisation lab, archive unit and reprographic unit with self-service.

Founded in 1962 by physicist Alladi Ramakrishnan, the IMSc is hailed as an important knowledge hub.