The students of the Indian Institute of Technology, Hyderabad, (IITH) located at Kandi in Medak district have decided to launch a social initiative to create awareness on financial wellbeing.

This is being done in association with TalEx India, a start up focused on youth empowerment, by Elan 2012 (Cultural-cum-Technical inter-college student festival of IITH).

As part of the programme, a few well acquainted rural villages would be selected for this programme, where the teachers and students in the local village schools will be made aware of ‘the needs of commercial banks in their and the villager's lives'. Around ten villages including Yeddumailaram, Indirakaran, Cheriyal and Ordnance Factory in Medak district will be covered under this awareness programme.

More villages may be added to them, depending on the availability of time and resources.

ELAN 2012 will arrange the whole programme and will co-ordinate the visits which will span over three weeks.

Tentative plans

“The tentative plans are, visiting the schools in villages, and discussing the issue with teachers and principals, interacting with students above 8th class and teaching them about basic banking system, and its importance and benefits.

The plan also includes giving some notes in school to teachers so that they can teach students later.

Convincing schools to start classes for school students and village people on financial literacy has also been listed as a primary objective,” says K Siddarth, core team member.

This was expected to commence in a couple of weeks

The secondary objectives also includes, visiting the village and talking to families regarding the financial situations of the house, and how to manage their finances on a day-to-day basis. Teaching how to optimise the use of money and the benefits of investing are the main endeavours behind this novel awareness programme taken up by the students.


in Medak

To visit schools in villages, teach students about basic banking system