“Think globally, act locally” is the biggest lesson that 15 Latin American students from Thunderbird School of Business Management would carry back home, says Armando Ramisez, a student.

In the city, on a study tour at the Indian School of Business, for most it was an eye-opener of sorts. “We are here to study two major industries - IT and Biotechnology and Microfinance,” said Kishore Das, Associate Professor in Global Studies, Thunderbird University. Comprising of professionals from various sectors such as pharmaceuticals, banking etc., the group visited different software firms, biotechnology firms and microfinance companies. The tour, Mr. Kishore says was aimed at “bringing classroom to the street”.

“I did not expect India to be such an important player in the IT sector. It has everything to offer and can take over China,” says Roberto Russo, a student adding that the growth however would be slow and not immediate. “If the government can get more involved, then things would move faster,” he said.

Others like Marcell Chamorro feel that India is all set to be a global powerhouse. “The economy is emerging at a fast pace and has tremendous strength in major sectors. The country has also managed to close the gaps between major players such as China and USA and has the ability to surpass them too,” he says. Talking about the similarities between India and Latin America, Marcello says both are ambitious emerging markets and are trying hard to diminish poverty. The students also had a taste of the vast cultural diversity of the country.

“When I stepped into Delhi, I was amazed at the amount of diversity present in one place and I don’t think one can find such diversity anywhere else in the world,” says Marcell. And most found the food very spicy. “In Mexico we eat lot of spices. Yet we found that the food here is spicier than back home,” says a student.


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