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(Members of E-Plus clubs in colleges have been given the following topic for discussion and debate)

Theme : Time for some fun and games this week and reflections upon them. Apart from the enjoyment, what can we learn from sports? What are some of the lesser known games that we enjoy? It's game on and so are the thoughts.

With or without walls? : Among indoor and outdoor games, which do you prefer and why? Tell us.

Eventful days : Talk about a sporting event in your school/college. What were the competitions and how was the event organised? Were you among the participants?

The didactic element : List some of the positive aspects of sports and games. It's not just about winning or losing a match but there are several more lessons to be learnt from them. Write an essay on these ideas after you've made your list and share it with all of us.

Alternative world : How interested are you in console or computer games? Talk to us about the games you have played and what makes them exciting. In case you haven't, do some research and tell us what you feel about virtual games and their impact on us.

What's new? : We often play/come up with several interesting games at leisure such as word play, antakshari etc. Give your creativity free rein and come up with a new game of your own. Keep it simple and fun. You can also choose to modify a game that you have played by adding some extra rules to give it a different dimension altogether.

Debate : Sports federations are no different from political parties.

Soumalaya Chakraborty



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