Robert Dillinger, director of Dilinger Consultants, who specialises in education and immigration guidance, says students aspiring to study in New Zealand must diligently prepare for it and begin early. “Indian students seem to concentrate only on admissions and not much on visa requirements,” says Mr. Dillinger. “Admission is only 10 per cent of your work, but the remaining 90 per cent is about the visa.” The student and his/her family have to work together in procuring the required financial documents, academic verifications, police clearance, medical and x-ray examinations. The IELTS score is mandatory for a visa. In some cases there may be a telephonic visa interview. “In my experience, I find that those students, who have a clear future plan, fare well and succeed in getting a Permanent Residence status in New Zealand. For example, students must understand the post-study work visa and plan accordingly,” says Mr. Dilinger. A student who completes one year of study can stay in New Zealand for one year and gain work experience. But it is important to know that one must find a job in their line as this will provide you skilled occupation status. The spouse of the student can work full time and this is unique to New Zealand. Gaining experience in skilled occupation can fetch you the PR status. Those who study for two years can work for two years post-study and those who complete Ph.D can stay for three to four years.