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Samsung Galaxy S 4

Meethi Chhuri @riya043

So the Samsung Galaxy S4 is revealed. Apple will sue Samsung for spelling

4S backwards.

#GalaxyS4Keh Ke Peheno @coolfunnytshirt

Samsung Galaxy S4 is a smartphone which lets you control it using just your eyes. So, in effect, it has become iPhone. #eye

GRV @MildlyClassic

In Samsung Galaxy S4, the video will pause if you look away. In S5 a hand will come out and slap you if you look away while watching a video

akshata khanolkar @akshatajump

Samsung Galaxy S4 lets you maneuver images with your eyes....just what Thakur Baldev Singh would have wanted......

Maygah @AmmoLoaded Samsung Galaxy S4 is here, Sony Xperia Z is here and poverty is here too.



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