Going the mathematical way

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HAVING FUN WITH NUMBERS: Mathematics requires active study. Whenever you are bored or feel sleepy, engage in mathematics.
HAVING FUN WITH NUMBERS: Mathematics requires active study. Whenever you are bored or feel sleepy, engage in mathematics.

Students can benefit a lot by developing an interest in mathematics.

"Mathematics is the poetry of logical ideas," said Albert Einstein. Developing an interest in mathematics is one of the best virtues for a student in the elementary stage of education. Studying maths is different from studying other subjects, as studying is of two types, active and passive. Mathematics requires active study. Whenever you are bored or feel sleepy, engage in mathematics.For example X and Y have 5 and 3 chapattis each. You ate with them, all equally. You want to pay 8 rupees for your meal. How much do you pay to X and Y? The correct answer is: 7 rupees to X and one rupee to Y. Thus, solving puzzles sharpens your brain.

Tips to master maths

Be thorough with basics. Without comprehensive knowledge about fundamental formulas, techniques, multiplication tables, laws, theorems etc, you cannot expect to be good at maths. High school maths is different from college maths. The former is based on your industry. The latter is based on your intelligence and skill. The lecturers do not check your homework, whereas your teachers do. Unlike other subjects, each lesson in maths builds on the previous ones. Falling a day behind puts you at a disadvantage. When you are absent, get the information collected from your friends or teachers. Never hesitate to ask questions in a session. A little doubt now... leads to a huge roadblock in future.Maths is learnt by doing various types of problems. While solving a problem, know the nearest and correct route to reach the answer. Understand the problem first. Then devise a plan, applying your skills and techniques. If you fail to reach the target, use other variables. This applies to management accounts, statistics, costing and chartered accountancy. Maths is one of the subjects wherein you can score a high percentage of marks to increase your rankings.

Life vs. maths

"If some people believe that mathematics is tough, it is only because they do not realise how complicated life is," said Ramanujam. As "reasoning" is the back-bone for maths, the failure in `not getting the correct solution' teaches you how to look back to locate your mistake, amend your equations and arrive at correct solution. This applies to real life also. Convert your problem into simple mathematics. Draw a formula. Locate the nucleus of the crisis. Analyse the source of the problem. Trouble may be with your relationships, financial frustrations, false prestige, or your weakness to say `no' when you would like to say it. Once you are clear about the source of your problem, automatically you would know the method of approach to fight it out. If you know the rules of cricket here is a question to test your method of approach. Seven runs to win, two batsmen are at the crease, both at 94 runs each. Two balls are remaining. The team won and both batsmen made centuries. How could it be possible? Don't jump to wrong conclusion of hitting a `six'. Think of other alternatives.YANDAMOORI VEERENDRANATH



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