Go underground, go green

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Strong views: (Top, from left) Nisha, Chetan, Champa; (above) Ajay, Chinmaya, Dharmendra
Strong views: (Top, from left) Nisha, Chetan, Champa; (above) Ajay, Chinmaya, Dharmendra


College students oppose felling of trees for Metro

The Namma Metro project has been under a lot of controversy recently. Many environmental protection organisations, concerned citizens as well as action groups have protested the demolition of the 500 feet wall at Lalbagh West Gate and the cutting down of numerous trees.

The residents strongly believe that they had not been consulted over the plans of the Metro project on the Nanda Road-Lalbagh West Gate stretch. The Hindu EducationPlus caught up with a few students to get their views on the Metro project.

Nisha B.R. (Surana College, II B.Sc. Biotech): I am against the Bangalore Metro project, especially in the Nanda Road and Lalbagh area. Lalbagh is known for its lush greenery. It is our heritage. We as citizens should not allow our heritage to be destroyed. I feel that BMRCL cutting 323 trees is above their limits.

In order to gain something one must suffer, but still there is a limit to everything. In the name of development they are destroying nature. Being a concerned citizen as well as a Biotech student I am against cutting of trees, as it disturbs the ecological balance. I do not want Bangalore to become a Mumbai or a Kolkata. Bangalore should not become a garbage city.

Chetan N. (Surana College, II B.Sc. Biotech): It is very easy to cut trees, but very difficult to grow them. I strongly oppose the encroachment of Lalbagh land as well as the felling of trees in its vicinity. In a way, Metro is good as it would finally give a solution to the traffic problem the city faces. Yet, if the project goes ahead, the city will be losing many of its landmark trees. As citizens, we must take a stand. We have to unite for a serious cause.

The youth have to come together to fight against cutting of trees. Youth have the power to effect change. We can be successful only if we gain the government’s support. There is no stopping till then. I suggest that the Metro project go underground, as it is an alternative to save trees.

Champa Shree K.R. (Surana College, II B.Sc. Biotech): The Metro project is killing the essence of the city, namely the pleasant weather and lush greenery. I am against it as it is destroying the environment, leading to a shift in ecological equilibrium. If cutting of trees continues, we will have drastic changes in temperature and erratic rainfall. Bangalore would no longer be called a garden city with a famous botanical garden as all its flora and fauna would be destroyed. Being a Natural Science student, I want to protect our trees and save the environment.

If they go ahead with the Metro project then I suggest that there has to be replantation of trees that the BMRCL has uprooted. Or else, I suggest that the Metro project go underground, as it would save the trees from getting chopped.

Ajay Kumar (Christ University, I B.A., LL.B.): Bangalore is a beautiful city and this comes from a guy who is from Chennai. It is known for its refreshing weather and greenery. On the pretext of development, the BMRCL is destroying the environment. The entire set-up is unlawful. They have clearly violated the Town and Country Planning Act and the Preservation of Trees Act.

The permission of the authorised Tree Officer has not been taken and public consultation has been ignored. Why can’t they follow a straight route that will cut through the city instead of the zig-zag routes they have planned?

I suggest that the Metro go underground and follow the pattern of the Kolkata and Delhi Metro projects and preserve the environment. They must not cut trees in the name of development as it would be killing Bangalore’s reputation as a garden city.

Chinmaya Biliye (Christ University, II BBM): The Metro project is good in some ways as it would reduce the traffic problem. Also, they are making the project environment friendly as they are making use of electricity and not petrol or diesel.

The project would be useful to the citizens as long as the workers do not cut trees or destroy the environment.

We must not destroy something that is of value to us and our future generations. We must be within our limits.

Dharmendra Chatur (Christ University, I B.A. LL.B.): The Metro project will serve the interests of few individuals. I do not think many people will use the Metro once it starts. I do not support the project as it is destroying the beauty of our city. As many as 323 trees have been cut and the 500 feet wall of the Lalbagh West Gate has been demolished.

We have fallen prey to the plague of capitalistic development. There are many people standing up for protection of the environment.

Any movement cannot be successful until the authorities look into the matter seriously. If the government continues with the project, then what about the power of democracy?

I suggest they scrap the rail link project at the BIAL and instead extend the Metro up to the airport and let the Metro project go underground.



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