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    Sameeksha Bansal
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Yummy fare: Eggs are an important part of international breakfasts.
Yummy fare: Eggs are an important part of international breakfasts.

I wanted to pick some other theme for today's article, but decided that it's simply wrong to end the ‘breakfast series' without discussing eggs. Read on to see why.

Boiled Eggs: You might think this is pretty straightforward, but there are still variations. We have hard boiled eggs, where the whole egg is cooked completely, or soft boiled eggs, where only the egg white is solid. But eggs are not always boiled with the shell intact. The poached egg method is interesting: The egg is broken in a bowl and then transferred into a pan with simmering water. The egg cooks in the simmering water till the ‘white' of the egg is firm and cooked, but the yolk is runny.

Fried eggs: If you are ordering fried eggs at a restaurant abroad or in an upscale restaurant in India, you might have to be more specific. An ‘over hard' fried egg is where the egg white and yolk have been cooked until they are hard. ‘Over well' is where the yolk is just about solid and cooked, and ‘Over easy' is where the egg white is cooked but the yolk is runny. Another method is ‘sunny side up'. In the sunny side up method, the eggs are cooked on one side only, so that the yolk is very runny and the egg is only partially cooked.

One of the easiest egg recipes for breakfast is scrambled eggs: you break the eggs into a pan which has a touch of oil in it, and, well, ‘scramble' it before it cooks fully. It ends up being something like a shredded omelette, though typically scrambled eggs are made with a dash of milk and vegetables, so they have a plainer taste compared to omelettes.

A traditional and heavy breakfast would typically have eggs, toast, some breakfast meat like bacon or sausages, pancakes with fresh cream or fruit, coffee and juice. From the past few articles, you might have noticed that eggs are used quite a bit for breakfast: in pancakes, waffles, and more. So if you are a vegetarian and wish to avoid eggs, it helps to know how these various dishes are made.

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