Teachers are the most crucial part of any educational system. Keeping this in mind, the Dayanand Sagar Institutions has signed up with Chartwell Education Consulting Group from Washington D.C. to exchange ideas and work culture and explore innovative ideas which would bring about positive changes in the teaching faculty.

Tom Cassidy, Director of Chartwell Education Group, says “any training that pertains to education must also bring in a global dimension.”

Planning and policy analysis and teaching are Mr. Cassidy’s areas of expertise. He believes that external or internal constraints on an education body limit the creativity and the ability to think. Constraints and regulations, he says, once upon a time made sense when things needed to be brought in order, but at present they are just another drawback in the system.

However, he is not completely against standardisation and norms. He stresses on learning through case studies in which the students are trained to use the knowledge that they have gained.

Talking about India and other developing countries he said, “They are demanding more and more of education each day as the socio-political stability depends on education.”

Keeti Hasija Kauffman, Associate Director of Chartwell Education Group, said, “Students from India initially face a lot of problems when they go abroad for studies but as they are trained to work hard, they eventually excel in their fields of interest.”

Virtual classes

Mr. Cassidy says, “No technology can replace teachers. Yet, technology can be made to enhance the quality of teaching, hence we need a blend of both.” The status of a teacher needs to be elevated and more incentives need to be added to the profession.

But he also agrees that better pay alone cannot give better quality of education, there are many other factors such as work atmosphere, a private place to work in, etc. that need to be looked into as well.