Facing the new year

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(Members of E-Plus clubs in colleges have been given the following topic for discussion and debate)

(January 10 to 15)

Theme: The year 2010 is over and we are now ready to face a brand new year. Every year gives us its fair share of happiness, disappointments, new experiences and hopes. Let's recap and look at how each of us feel about the year that went by and what we are looking forward to in 2011.

Memorable moments: Think about a few highlights of your career and life from the past year (2010) and write an essay on them. What do you think you learnt from that year and what are your plans for the new year?

Festive bonanza: January, the first month of every new year, is also known for a variety of festivals all over India. Lohri and Pongal are two of them. Find out more about such festivals in various parts of the country and describe them in an essay. You can also write about local fairs, ceremonies etc.

Round up: If you are asked to think about India's performance in various areas such as economic development, improvement in living standards, political scenario, sports etc, how do you think we did? Take up a specific area that interests you and talk about things we did well and areas where we went wrong.

Overhaul: Let's suppose you are asked to plan the development of our education system for the next year. What are the areas you would focus on and what changes would you like to bring about? Also think about allocating funds to deserving institutions, planning rewards for students to appreciate various achievements etc.

The highlight: If you are asked to choose the most striking news/development you came across in 2010, what would be your choice? Think about all the memorable events that happened all over the world and pick the one that fascinated you the most. Explain why and also give us your views on it.

Debate: New year “celebrations” are pointless.





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