Theme: As our nation struggles to come to terms with the tragic events of Uttarakhand, it’s time to remember again that if nature is harmed, the consequences are bound to be destructive for the human race as well. With experts describing the floods as more man-made than natural, let’s discuss where we are going wrong and how to make amends.

Skewed Balance: Opinions state that in order to urbanize India rapidly, we are destroying natural habitats indiscriminately. What is your take on this?

Travel Troubles: To make a place popular and promote it among the tourists, it’s necessary to make arrangements for accommodation, food and transportation. But are these activities doing more harm than good by encouraging rampant construction activities leading to environmental destruction?

Look Around: All around us we see land being taken up and highrises constructed to make room for an ever-increasing population. The cities are rapidly losing most of their greenery. What do you think could be the consequences of this? What measures should the authorities take to control it?

The Big Picture: The floods in Uttarakhand could well be a sign of bigger things to come. If steps are not taken to conserve nature and protect the environment, bigger disasters are not far away. Talk about some theories and predictions made by environmentalists and researchers on what could be lying in wait for us in future.

Spreading the Word: What can we, as responsible citizens, do to protect our environment from disintegrating under careless practices? Think about a few things we can take up such as planting trees, keeping the surroundings clean etc and tell us.

Debate: The advancement of technology is the biggest enemy of nature.