Week 98

Day 1.The External Influence: - Our thoughts and moods are not in our control. Often, things changing around us make us think differently, or maybe just change our mood. Nature, and particularly weather affect our thoughts in a big way. Write short paragraphs on how you usually feel and what thoughts come to your mind while observing the following:

a. Thunderstorms.

b. Sunset.

c. A Dark, Rainy day.

Day 2.Own the Market: - The competition is stiff in the market for consumer products. Launching new products in the face of such competition is difficult and companies generally have to start with special offers and innovative advertising to find a foothold in the market. Imagine you are launching a new soap, health drink or any product of your choice. How will you go about marketing it? What initial offers will you give the consumer? Tell us.

Day 3.Your Take on Hi-Tech: - The present generation is taken up by various gadgets that are flooding the market. We find it difficult to imagine a life without our phones, music systems and so on. However, the negative aspects of such gadget obsession cannot be overlooked. Which according to you are the most essential gadgets, and which ones do you think we can live without? Make a list, and offer reasons.

Day 4. Death of the Author? : - Translation is an effective way of getting more people to enjoy a piece of writing. However it sometimes becomes extremely difficult to find words or proverbs in a different language which mean exactly the same as those used in the original work.

Read a poem/novel/short story in your mother tongue and then a translation of it in English or any other language. Spot the differences and write an essay on how different the translated work is from the original one.

Day 5.The Shady Side: - Most of us are afraid of something or the other. Though we don't always admit it, we can't hide it from ourselves. Think about a few things that scare you. Write an essay telling us about all such things and what is it exactly that makes them so scary.

Day 6.Debate: - We are losing all our values gradually

Soumalaya Chakraborty