Week 27 -- May 25-30

Day 1 - Different Takes: - Choose any one of the topics given below and ask your family, friends and relatives what they think about it. Collect all of their opinions and write them down. At the end, make sure you express your opinion as well.

Elections, summer.

Day 2 - Rhyme and Rhythm: - Add another stanza to the one given below. The second stanza should follow the same rhyme scheme and should elaborate the idea of the first one: - With the descending night, I grope and try to find, Is the approaching darkness Also clouding my mind? Alternatively you can also choose to write an essay on the idea hinted at by the stanza.

Day 3 - The Perennial Cycle: - Have you noticed how the trees, water bodies and the sky change with the changing of seasons? Think about an entire year and write an essay on the journey of nature through various seasons.

Day 4 - Old wine, New Bottle: - A ladder is usually looked at as an instrument for climbing. Similarly, there are specific usages of most instruments and we generally do not think of using them for any other purpose. Well it’s time to be innovative and think about some alternate usages of the instruments listed below. Think about three different ways of utilising them apart from the obvious: Nails, hammer, wires, television set, books.

Day 5 - Debate: - Think about both sides of the following statement. Write a passage supporting the argument and another passage opposing it -- It would be great to remain young forever.

Day 6 - Choose your Haven: - If you are given the option of settling in any country/city of your choice, where will you choose to live?

Select the destination of your dreams and explain why you would like to live there.

Modules prepared by SkillSpark