Week 25- May 11th to 16th

Day 1- Comprehensive Take:Take a look at today’s newspaper and select a news item that interests you. Read all about it from various sources and follow it on TV news channels too. Then write your own report incorporating all that you have learnt.

Day 2- Then and Now: Look back at your school days and think about how you were taught your mother tongue/English/any other language. Did you feel comfortable or were you confused? Do you feel teaching has improved now with better facilities?

Write down your views. You might want to visit a local school or talk to some students for your report.

Day 3- Actor plus Director: Observe an interesting scene in a regional movie or TV serial.

Now imagine you are one of the characters and try to enact the scene in English. Rope in your friends or family members to play other roles and translate their dialogues as well. Alternatively, you can also choose to act your part alone.

Day 4- Parallel Proverbs: Make a list of proverbs that you commonly use in your mother tongue.

Now try to find out if there are proverbs in English which mean exactly the same.

For those proverbs which do not have an exact

English equivalent, see if you can find one which is close in meaning. For example,

the English equivalent of the Telugu proverb “manassunte maargamuntundhi” would be “where there is a will; there is a way”.

Day 5- Tune In: Listen to music from the 60s and 70s and compare it to the music we listen to now.

How do you think music and songs have changed in terms of lyrics, tunes, presentation etc?

Day 6- Turning the Pages of Time: Find out the history of your town/city/village and write an essay on it. Keep the following points in mind: -

When and by whom was it founded?

Any historical significance?

How has it changed over the years? Change in Population. Changes in construction styles of buildings.

Modules prepared by SkillSpark