Week 19 - March 30th to April 4th

Theme: - Family and other relationships which we value are our prized possessions. They leave their imprints upon us and mould our characters. This week, let’s focus on this very important aspect of our lives.

Day One - Debate: - Elderly people are not respected in the family these days.

Day Two - Are They Recognized? - Do you think we treat people who work in our houses and who serve us in different ways (people like servants, dhobis, etc) properly? Come forward and express your views.

Day Three - Once Upon A Time: - Make a list of some people who were important for you at one point but have moved away from your lives now. Why did this happen? Think about all the reasons and write a short essay.

Day Four - Do They Match Up? -Many films are made on family values and how things change within a family. Do you think what the films generally portray are accurate? Which is your favourite film on family and why?

Day Five - Clash of Past and Present: - Form two groups. One group acts as the older generation and another acts as the younger. From each group members have to come forward one by one and give two reasons why the generation they represent is better than the other.

Day Six - Debate: - Today’s small families are better than yesterday’s joint families.

Modules prepared by SkillSpark