Theme: Development is an integral part of progress and especially at a time when India is slowly looking to compete with advanced economies of the world. Every day, we hear of investments, new companies, better educational institutions coming up etc. However, while a lot is being done, a lot still remains to be addressed. Let’s analyze.

Closer Home: Talk about some development activity that’s been happening in your town/city/village over the last few years. How beneficial have they been and in the process have they created any problems? What more would you like to be done in order to develop your locality further?

Optimum Utilization: Funds are allocated for development but a common complaint we face is that most of it goes to fatten the wallets of people involved in the projects and a shoddy job is done with the meagre amount that actually goes into the activities. If you are in charge, what measures will you take to ensure that this does not happen?

Neglected: Think about a village/town you have come across which is urgently in need of development. What are the grievances of the people there and what are they doing to get the attention of the government? Write a brief essay on what you think needs to be done to improve the place and the peoples’ lives.

Lessons to Learn: Do some reading on some countries which are considered highly developed. What makes them the best? Tell us a little about their governance, the rules they follow, the laws they have against crime/corruption etc.

Manifold Hues: Implementing policies and maintaining stability is not possible when there are so many political parties with different ideologies- do you agree? Express your opinions in an essay.

Debate: Most of the development in India is city-centric. Villages are mostly neglected.

Soumalaya Chakraborty