From March 18th to March 23rd

Theme: India is often referred to a land of religious fervor and numerous places of worship. Some places famous for their religious heritage draw millions of people from all over the world.

These places also play an important part in defining the Indian identity, culture and architectural splendor.

This week, let’s talk about our religious heritage, famous destinations and the bright and dark aspects associated with them

Unsavoury: In most places of pilgrimage, it’s difficult to trust people as they are trying to cheat unsuspecting people. What is your opinion on this and what steps can be taken to curb this practice?

In Person: Describe your visit to a local place of worship or a distant place famous for its religious heritage. Describe the ambience of the place, the people there and rites/rituals you had to follow.

The Stories They Tell: In India, there is no shortage of famous mosques, temples, churches and other shrines which often have a lot of fascinating history attached to them. Talk about some famous religious shrines (in your area or elsewhere) whose stories you know. You can also talk about the history of a holy city/town in India.

The Devotional Exodus: Every year, countless pilgrims travel from all over India to places such as Amarnath caves, Mecca, Sabarimala etc.

Find out more about how the journey is and what rituals are to be observed during these visits. Also tell us briefly about the legends surrounding these places.

Ambience Matters: Think about the large number of people who make a living around famous religious places by selling flowers, eatables, photos and idols of deities etc. Many are of the opinion that this commercialization ruins the ambience of these places. What do you think? Come forward and tell us

Debate: The current and upcoming generations are distancing themselves from religious beliefs gradually

Soumalaya Chakraborty