From: January 21st to January 26th

Theme: As events such as Republic Day and Netaji’s Birthday approaches, we find ourselves facing the all too familiar question-have we brought the visions behind the Indian freedom struggle to fruition and to what extent, if any?

Let’s talk about what has been achieved so far and the road ahead.

Burning Issues: How far do you think we have advanced in eradicating poverty and illiteracy? Talk about the efforts of our governments in these areas so far and what you would like to do to improve the state of affairs.

Discussion: We spend a huge amount of money on strengthening our defense.

Do you think this expense is justified?

Forgotten?: Have we remembered our martyrs?

Every year we observe holidays, hoist flags and so on in their honor but do we really feel inspired and make an effort to work towards the betterment of our country?

Towards Betterment: In comparison to developed Western nations, which areas do we need to improve urgently in your opinion?

What would you do, if given a chance, to develop these areas?

The Positives: Since independence, what, according to you, are the areas in which we have made major progress?

Do you think we have the potential to become a superpower in future and what needs to be done to work towards that goal?

Debate: We cannot take strong decisions and implement major reforms owing to too many political parties and disagreements between them.

Soumalaya Chakraborty