Theme: Most articles in newspapers and magazines are accompanied by images that explain the stories further. But a sequence of images can also speak and does not need many words to accompany it.

Day 1: Collage: - Look through your collection of photos, or collect pictures from newspapers and magazines and arrange them so that they tell a story.

Day 2: Their way in: - There are lots of things around us which we use everyday without thinking much about them. How about looking at them a little closely and trying to find out how they gradually became a part of our lives? Find out some facts about tea, coffee, telephones, shaving razors, or some common games that you play, and write a short essay on their histories. Tell us when they were used first and how they gradually became immensely popular.

Day 3: Tell a tale: - Write a short story using the words given below. Make sure you have used all the words. You can use each word only once:

bucket, outbreak, fields, death, film star, balloons, happiness, trance, life, darkness, ambition.

Day 4: Lasting impressions: - Have you ever wished that time would stand still? Has it ever happened that you wanted a particular moment to last forever and never move on? Look back on your life and write a short account of all those moments and why they are so special to you.

Day 5: Turning point: - All of us have our own takes on how to live life, what is right and what is wrong etc. Sometimes a book, or a poem or a song influences us deeply and makes us embrace the views put forward in it. Write a short essay on something you have read or heard that has changed you in a certain way. You can also choose to write about books or songs that you have found interesting owing to their takes on life and values.

Day 6: Debate: - Celebrities create controversy only for their personal gain.

Soumalaya Chakraborty,