Week 109: January 10 to January 15

Theme: A large part of looking forward to events and milestones is the hope of getting something out of it. Competition teaches us to yearn for prizes and accolades, custom teaches us to appreciate gifts and give them and there's always scholarships and funding to seek when you are in need. Let's think about some of these things; the impact they have on us and the questions they give rise to at times.

Day 1.The Aura: Gifts are made extra special by several factors such as the ambience, the people around you, the occasion etc. Of all the gifts you have received so far, think about some of the most special ones and write an essay on what makes them stand out.

Day 2. Faded Glory?: Upon researching various awards our government and several private organizations give away, we see there are quite a lot of bravery awards, sports awards, and so on. Do you think the multitude of awards make them lose their significance somehow? Will it be better/more prestigious to have just one or two excellence awards for various fields? Come forward and express your opinion.

Day 3. The Best Option: In your opinion, what would be the ideal gift/supportive gesture/awards for the following:

a. An orphanage

b. Meritorious, but poor students

c. Promising athletes

Explain why you think your choice is the best.

Day 4. Custom Binds: Every time we are invited to an occasion/ceremony, we feel obligated to carry gifts. Do you think it's a mere formality that can be ignored or is this essential in your opinion?

Day 5. The Philanthropic Side: If you are asked to campaign for donations/help for a charity, which would you choose? Talk about how exactly you would go about raising awareness and collecting donations.

Day 6. Debate: Prizes encourage few winners but discourage a large number who did their best but could not win.

Soumalaya Chakraborty