‘Educate students on road safety’

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LIVING DANGEROUSLY: Students tend to get highly influenced by movies and TV ads which depict stunts as heroic acts.
LIVING DANGEROUSLY: Students tend to get highly influenced by movies and TV ads which depict stunts as heroic acts.

Most youth drive at high speeds even in crowded and congested areas; do wheeling, skidding and other stunts like narrowly escaping in small gaps to catch the attention of girls. They do not realise that they are putting not just their life but others lives at risk too.

It is not the management of the institutes that should be blamed for any accidents. Rather parents who provide high powered vehicles; movies and TV ads which depict stunts as heroic acts, and finally automobile manufacturers for producing vehicles with very high horse power, which is unnecessary who should be blamed for any accidents.

Institutes can ban vehicles on campus and impose heavy fines for offenders, charge three or four times the normal fee if the parent buys a bike to his son, reduce fee in the form of concession, if a student uses battery driven two-wheeler and encourage those using bicycle by reducing fee further.

Prof. R.V. Chalam,

NIT, Warangal

Violating any safety rule will lead to serious accidents. Recent reports clearly indicate that most accidents involve students. Triple riding, cell phone driving, rash driving, not dimming the headlight will surely lead to accidents. Parents should allow their children ride only if they are confident about them. The recent accident in America shows that it is not just students but also policemen who violate safety rules. In view of safety of others and also for themselves, everyone should be alert while driving vehicles on road.

V.V.S . Rama Devi,


“Speed thrills but kills. But who cares. Enjoy the thrill and leave the remaining” is today’s youth response. These days lot of accidents are taking place only because of students carelessness and their passion for adventure, thrill and excitement. They do not change their minds even after being informed about the accidents that are taking place. The first step that has to be taken is to give them counselling and make them aware of the necessity to drive carefully.

But the entire reason cannot be attributed to this one fact alone. Narrow roads, debris by the side of the footpaths and along the road dividers, left over construction materials and parking extended onto the roads do cause accidents but no one realises it. If these problems are solved, road accidents can be reduced at least by 50 per cent and there is no need to prohibit bikes and cars being used by college students.

G. Ranjith Kumar Reddy,


Main reasons for accidents are over-speeding and lack of awareness on traffic rules and regulations. Parents can advice them not to indulge in rash driving, while college managements can conduct seminars and awareness programmes highlighting the same. Ultimately, one has to have self-control and follow the rules.

Niranjan Kumar Y.V.

It is not correct to say that parents should deny their wards to go to colleges by motorbikes or cars. What is required to ensure safe travel is awareness of traffic rules. Many accidents are taking place on account of over speeding, lack of anticipation and gross negligence and over confidence while riding either a motorcycle or driving a car. The recent car accident in Hyderabad involving the instantaneous death of four engineering college students shows that it was totally avoidable and took place due to sheer over-speeding which resulted in the car dashing against the road divider. Unfortunately youth imitate cinema heroes in films driving cars and motorbikes at a very good speed. They need to realise that there is difference between reel and real life.

To minimise road accidents, road safety day should be observed in all colleges and high schools every year and officials from police, road transport and judiciary should be invited and they should deliver lectures to all students on the hazards of over speed and flouting traffic rules. Visuals relating to accidents should be exhibited and films on road safety and accidents to be screened to inject and make them aware of safe driving habits for accident-free travel which will help to mitigate the untold suffering, pain, mental torture and agony of parents and their relatives in the case of accidents resulting in deaths.

Nemani Vivekananda Rao,


I doubt we will ever be able to completely eliminate accidents from occurring on the road, but I am sure there are many ways that could reduce their occurrence and severity. Not allowing students to ride bikes or drive cars is foolish and instead they should be made aware about road safety measures in view of their and others’ safety too. Colleges should employ recommendations of various committees regarding road accidents.


“Youth are the building blocks of our nation.” One reckless moment is enough to devour these blocks. “Slow and steady wins the race” but nobody actually follows it. Time factor is the predominant reason for one’s fast driving. If one is cautious and aware of time management, there is no need for him to be in a hurry to reach his destination. Though there are restrictions to drive at slow speeds, it is youth psychology to do break the rules. Instead of mere advice, parents should arrange ‘speed lockers’ to their bikes and cars. College management should instruct students about the importance of presence of mind and time management. Video clippings of the victims of accident may be displayed and students can be educated with safety tips to rescue them from the critical situation during accidents.

C. L. Balamurali,

B.Tech, III year

Parents, public, private and college management should play pivotal role to keep teenagers and public safe while driving. Risk taking is most common factor among young and it results in loss of valuable life. Many young people are unsure about legal limit of driving. Many lives could be saved by following rules of driving.

P. Sowjanya

Can anyone deny the fact that heavy traffic jams are also responsible for students to over speed in order to reach their colleges on time? We can get the better results only when the awareness is created by the police and not by college managements or parents as the latter cannot observe students when they are driving high speed.

Bitra Eswara Kumar,




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