PRE SCHOOL education is very useful for children, it prepares children for kindergarten by inculcating the school going habit and participating in a group, it also gives academic benefits for the child and gets them ready to learn as they arrive in kindergarten. They help children to develop skills in a classroom environment and also teach the basic lessons that will give children a head start for kindergarten.

Children are provided the best introduction to learning at this stage and thus a concrete foundation is laid for a long academic excellence. Preschool also help children develop social skills by spending time with other children of similar age and getting habituated to interacting and learning. It also helps them learn to play on their own or in groups and to follow instructions away from parents. Introduction to classroom environment at an early age with little academic curriculum influences the child’s growth.

A wide variety of preschools have chalked out programs that focus on different aspects of the child’s experience. Choosing a preschool program can be based on academic focus or the prerogative on play, social and emotional preparation for primary schooling. Most preschools focus on preparing children for managing attention, improving basic communication, comprehension of surroundings, group play activity and inculcating early discipline.

The activities and experience in preschool leave an enriching and a lasting impression on the children, one that not only prepares for reading, math and social interaction but also helps stimulate and nurture the child's mind.