Remember those model question papers that used to give us an outline about the type of questions that could appear in the examinations?

Well, what if there is a database, which can be tapped into, of such model question papers to help students prepare for tests like GMAT and even technical tests of top multi-national companies.

Brains behind it

M. Durga Prasad and J. Harish Simha -- two final year computer engineering students from P.R.R.M. Engineering College, Shahbad have developed an online examination website that provides free examinations on technical and aptitude for students preparing for CAT, GMAT, SCJP and MCSE.

Question papers on technical exams of top companies like Infosys, IBM, Infotech and Accenture have been put up on the website.

Students preparing for these tests can visit the website ( and start writing the exams online and get instant results.

Believe it or not, all this comes for free.

“It all started last year in a technical fest in our college. Our seniors in the fest organised a similar test but it was on paper. We took a step further and collected a thorough database on top MNCs and prepared a website,” the students say.

The website is regularly maintained and updated. “We collected information from various sources including Internet, peers and printed material.

Already, we have about 6,000 regular users of this website.

All kinds of model question papers for students preparing for technical tests are available,” they say.

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