Madura Microeducation (a division of Madura Microfinance) has introduced a new course titled ‘Micro Business Education (MBE) certificate course for low-literate entrepreneurs in rural Tamil Nadu as well as graduates of rural colleges who are considering self-employment opportunities. The MBE provides the student with a framework for conceiving and building a business with particular focus on marketing.

The curriculum has been designed and developed in collaboration with Business School Professor Madhu Viswanathan and Filmmaker Usha Rajeswari. Dr. Madhu Viswanathan is from University of Illinois and has studied and documented numerous case studies of entrepreneurs in subsistence markets. Ms. Usha Rajeswari is also founder of Prakriti Jiva Media. The program is currently in Tamil but will soon be available in other south Indian languages.

Any organisation or individual with video capability can offer the course on their premises as a franchise partner. This includes NGOs, rural colleges, tuition centres and other microfinance institutions in Tamil Nadu.

For further details, call, phone: 09585592500. Email: