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Sameeksha Bansal
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A child’s moccasins
A child’s moccasins

As a child I remember not particularly liking the shoes that were a part of the school uniform: black shoes with a strap and a buckle that went right below the ankle. Little did I know that these shoes are called ‘Mary Jane’.

Mary Janes are commonly girls’ shoes, and although their popularity has decreased somewhat with time, many schools still require them as part of the uniform.

There are quite a few styles of footwear intended for specific situations or purposes; let us take a look at some of these today.

Oxfords: The traditionally formal shoes for men are known as ‘Oxfords’. Oxfords are differentiated in being closed lacing.

These days though, Oxford style shoes are available for both men and women. Oxfords are not only formal, but are designed for casual wear as well. The traditional Oxfords are , while the casual ones can be of any material. My current favourite pair of shoes are brown Oxfords that I wear all the time!

Gumboots and Galoshes: Another fascination I had growing up was galoshes! These are actually waterproof rubber boots worn over your regular shoes for protection.

However, conventional rain boots are also often described as galoshes.

The galoshes I had as a child were similar to gumboots; they were made of rubber and came half way up to my knees. Gumboots are quite popular with kids and adults alike, especially in regions that see regular and heavy rainfall.

Moccasins: Usually made of soft leather, moccasins are a traditional type of footwear developed by Native Americans.

Moccasins are today considered stylish and comfortable shoes, and are popular as general purpose footwear.

Traditional moccasins are remarkable in that each show is made of a single piece of soft leather.

Loafers: Also known as ‘slip-ons,’ these shoes do not have a lace, and can just be slipped on. The dominant color choice for loafers is brown, although other colors are also popular.

And once again, while loafers were originally a men’s footwear style, today they are very popular among both men and women.

This is again an informal, casual type of shoe, so probably not something you would wear to a job interview.

Sameeksha Bansal



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