Curriculum work, research papers have their value irrespective of whether you are from a reputed college or not

Now, youth associates themselves more with the brand name of the college than the course they want to take up. Is it because of peer pressure? Is being from a reputed college more important than the course you take? To get into a branded college has become more of a competition. The Hindu EducationPlus asked some students from Christ College, Bangalore, whether brand name should be given more importance than the course.

Rohan George Mathew (second year B.Sc): The course is more important than what college you choose. College activities are important but to get the job one's own performance matters. When people choose college over course only some get away with it but more importantly it is a risk one should not be willing to take. Today competition has become very important everywhere and therefore what course you take becomes more important than what college you select. So, at the end of the day, reputed colleges might be given preference at some places but what really matters is what you do.

Anoo Bhuyan (second year B.A. Communicative English): For a particular course maybe the more reputed college is preferred but in my opinion what one does in college matters. Curriculum work, research papers have their value irrespective of whether you are from a reputed college or not. So, whether from a reputed college or not it should ideally boil down to the course curriculum.

Aditya Saharia (second year Communication and Media Studies): From a job perspective course definitely matters and how you perform on your own. When one applies for a job it won't really matter which college you come from; the employer will only see your capability. If I had to choose I would obviously look at a good college but if I don't get my course there then I will not give it priority. There will be more opportunity for growth if I take up what I like and not merely a college because of its brand name even if I don't get the course I want.

Ratika Yumnam (second year B.A.): I do not give much importance to brand name, it is the course that matters. But nowadays most people consider going to a college with a name. Of course your confidence is much more than someone from a college less known but that is because of peer pressure and you can be what you want in spite of what college you are in. I have seen a lot of people who prefer a college because they think they will get recruited on the basis of the college's name but that's generally not what is seen.

Sumana Sri (second year B.A Media Studies and Psychology): Colleges do make a difference now. I'm doing B.A. from Christ College and people really care about the college I come from. If you do a course from a good college people are impressed vis-a-vis someone doing the same course from a lesser known college. Fine examples of colleges with reputed names are Stanford or Oxford; so someone from Stanford will be given way more importance than someone from another college. Obviously these colleges have gained competition over many years but what should be done is to look at course over college.