Not all coaching centres meet your requirements. Be cautious

Engineers these days do not get employed that fast. Many of them even opt out of placements and take up higher studies.

Whatever be their choice, fresh graduates are hamstrung by a skill deficit, though exceptions may be there. Surveys point to inadequate skill levels among newly minted engineers.

So, what should they do? The solution lies in “upskilling.”

Bridging the skill gap happens mostly during preparation for tests for placements or admissions, whether general or subject-centric in nature. Where to go for preparation is the next question.

What are the parameters to be kept in mind while choosing from a multitude of training institutes? The coaching centres operate in different styles. Some gain better visibility than others, some get known by word of mouth, some others come on the radar through below-the-line activities such as seminars and so on.

Many of these institutes have branches, both big and small. Some may have expanded all over India and some may be local. Having a good brand name and spread of branches can be a sign of good work done. That is a good point to start from. The number of candidates who have emerged successful from an institute is yet another parameter to look for.


You hold the key to your future, and hence should be clear about your aim, which should match the institute’s offers. If the aim is skill enhancement, then evaluate an institute on those lines. How will it fare in meeting your requirements? If you find a mismatch, go to another centre.

Another concern should be the quality of the faculty. Ask for the faculty profile of the centre and confirm if the experts lined up in the brochure actually take classes. Ask for past results and consult the success stories. Ensure that the aim of skill enhancement will be achieved.

The colleges that conduct these skill enhancement classes can keep these in mind before selecting a vendor. It is often the placement officer who looks at such things but the management also can keep an eye on the quality of the trainers.

The students need to understand that there is only so much that the trainers can do. It is the player who has to score. The coach can only advise.

Krishna Swamy A.