The Regency College of Hotel Management and Catering Technology celebrated the International Chef's Day with a charity lunch at an orphanage centre-Council of Human Welfare at Alkapuri run for children aged up to 15 years, and also conducted a cookery competition for faculty and staff members of the non food production department.

The student chefs and faculty members made the food on the site for 150 members with an elaborate course of menu and displayed it as a buffet of a Star hotel and served the children of the destitute home. They also donated utility items like soaps, shampoos, notebooks stationary and eatables to all the children at the orphanage centre. They also entertained children with various cultural activities and spent their entire day with those children who have been deprived of their homes and parents.

P. Ramesh Kumar Reddy, principal of the college, said the chefs' day is celebrated on October 20 to highlight the role of a chef and promote the profession.

Generally, hotel management institutes celebrate the day taking the star hotel food to the deprived and poor who cannot afford to go and have the delicacies in the hotels.

“The students and management of regency college have been visiting these destitute homes and feeding elders and children sumptuously with star hotel food and this charity of the college has been recognized by the WACS and a certification was received in the year 2009,” he said.

The students of craft course participated in an inter college cookery competition conducted by the Catch-P Hyderabad as a part of the celebrations where two students Sandeep and Walliuddin won second prize in Indian category for Hyderabad Cuisine.

R. R.R.

Hotel management institutes celebrate the day taking the star hotel food to the deprived