Learning Physics and Listening to Physics – perhaps majority of students in our educational system end up listening to the lessons than learning the subject.

And this lacuna in teaching methodology scares students most in understanding this fascinating subject.

Trying to fill this gap well-known Physics teacher, B. Surendranath has brought out a CD that simplifies the subject and enhances the interest among the learners. “Basic physics is about simple observations made by scientists as they looked around the world they lived in,” says Mr. Surendranath, a physics teacher with nearly 30 years of experience and who has taught at the Chukka Ramaiah coaching institute known for it IIT-JEE preparation. The software on the CD titled “General Physics Java Applets” has a range of experiments that give exposure to students on several practices, which would open up their mind and change their perspectives.

“It presents models for physical behaviour - the kind of things student has to imagine to develop a ‘feel' for physics. It helps to make the words used in physics spring to life,” Mr. Surendranath says.

For example, one could say a wave is a travelling disturbance and write an equation for it. If done this way, the student would never have paid much attention to the meaning of the words. One can after all imagine a moving car or a bus or some moving physical object but a travelling disturbance. Imagine now showing a model of this travelling disturbance, and allow changing of parameters that change the shape of the disturbance or the way it travels and have the student observe the resulting animation. The idea of disturbance and travel can really become very intimate.

“This CD has several such examples and is relevant for Intermediate students.”

Some of the applets on the CD are available on the web at www.surendranth.org and are mirrored in websites in Australia, Canada, Germany, etc. They have been received very well by the teachers and students all over the world. The software on the CD is an independent java application and is presented in a user friendly manner.

The CDs are priced at Rs. 200. Those interested can call 040-27671054 or 040-27568585 or 9000568585.

R. Ravikanth Reddy