Caring for animals

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(Members of E-Plus clubs in colleges have been given the following topic for discussion and debate)

Theme: Zoological parks and sanctuaries are supposed to protect our wildlife and provide all essential facilities for animals to grow and increase their numbers. Yet, we often hear reports of shabby treatment of animals in zoos and poaching inside sanctuaries. Let’s discuss how we can make our world a safer place for animals.

Debate : Zoos are mostly about public entertainment with little regard for the animals’ well-being.

What Ails? : What do you think is the most critical issue that is plaguing wildlife all over the world? Think about it and write an essay on the problem and possible solutions.

Glorifying Gruesome : Talk about stories of hunting that you have read. Do you think such stories are all about glorifying the hunters and making animals like tigers and lions look like vicious man-eaters? In your opinion, does such stories inspire poaching and indiscriminate killing of animals?

What We Lack : Do some research on the wildlife sanctuaries in India. What facilities do they have and what are their shortcomings? Tell us about them

Making An Impact : Plenty of NGOs all over the world are trying to educate people about cruel treatment of animals and encouraging them to boycott certain products made out of animal skin, fur etc. Read up about them and tell us how effective such ventures are in your opinion. Given a choice, what steps would you have taken against animal abuse?

Fading Away : Talk about some endangered animal species all over the world. What are the reasons behind the rapid fall in their population? What is being done to protect them?

Soumalaya Chakraborty



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