App developers list the coolest android apps that are popular among students in Puducherry and north Tamil Nadu.

An app makes life easier is the popular maxim among Gen Y. Want to say something even before your thoughts are formed, looking for a recipe that uses the only three items in your fridge or want to simply beat boredom with a bat? There’s an app for everything you can think of, as Santu Kumar of Pondicherry University says.

But if there are millions of apps floating around, what is it that makes some a must in every phone worth its smartness? Cool design, features that score equally high on being user-friendly as on being eye-candy, minimal hang-ups, efficiency on the lowest Internet speed and positive reviews are some things that young app fans go by. Negative feedback can ruin an app’s reputation is the common sentiment.


second year, Mechanical Engineering, Mailam Engineering College, Tindivanam:

Whatsapp: A mobile phone without Whatsapp? Unheard of among college students who would give an arm and an eye for free messages. It’s the go-to app for group chatting, doubt-clearing before exams, passing on classroom announcements and sharing fun videos that go viral.

Temple Run: It is the best bet to break the monotony of lectures. The arcade game is a good wake-up call as it tests your reflexes and requires thinking on the feet.


final year, Computer Science Engineering, IFET College of Engineering, Villupuram:

Online dictionary: A handy app anytime you are stumped with a new word in the classroom or outside. It comes to my rescue every time I’m uncertain about a spelling.

Ringtone cutter: There are plenty of ringtones out there, but sometimes you want that haunting tune, right in the middle of the song or the fast-paced bit at the end of the track. This app lets you pick and play your favourite fragment of any song.

Noorul Zakir,

third year, Sri Ganesh College of Engineering and Technology Bahoor commune, Pondicherry:

Bookmyshow: If you are in a campus that’s in the middle of nowhere, this app is the best bet. We get to read reviews, see which movies are showing in which theatre and book tickets, all without stepping out. Then, all you have to do is to make it to the theatre in time.

Tango: Nothing better for video calls, even when the Internet speed is not that great. I prefer it to Skype.


Computer Science Engineering, Kings Engineering College, Sriperumbudur, Kanchipuram

Highway Rider: This app is sheer daredevilry. How close can you get without crashing? It lets you push the limits and challenges you to stay in control

Dr. Driving: A car racing game app that gives you the thrill and adrenaline rush of being behind the steering wheel.

My Pet Cat: This is a fun app, which lets you raise a virtual pet. You have to feed, pet and keep your cat in good spirits.

J. Prabhakaran,

second year, Mechanical Engineering, Mailam Engineering College, Tindivanam:

Subway Surfer: This is not your conventional racing game app where you have to get ahead. The player has to dodge past passing trains without being hit by oncoming coaches. It not only keeps me on my feet, but also comes with changing backdrops. Now you can simulate the city scene of Mumbai.

Facebook Messenger: The Facebook app is not very user-friendly — the screen freezes occasionally and the pictures don’t load fast. But the Facebook messenger app fits the bill for chatting with friends on Facebook, who may not be connected on the phone.

Sanjeet Kumar,

M.C.A first year, Pondicherry University:

PayTm: Running out of balance is every prepaid caller’s nightmare. This app is the knight-in-shining-armour equivalent of a timely recharge. You don’t need to have cash on you to continue playing games or making calls. A choice of discount coupons on various popular brands and restaurants makes it a bonus for college students.

HikeMessenger: Instant and unlimited messages don’t get better than this.