Social networks have been providing scope for huge marketing opportunities for companies, apart from youth-based services

Social media is emerging as a powerful tool not only for the young and upwardly mobile to connect and express their views but also on the business front, giving scope for huge marketing opportunities for the companies.

With social media networks like Facebook catching the imagination of the youngsters and the numbers rapidly increasing, organisations are exploring ways to catch the attention of these people through various business strategies.

And this business opportunity has also opened up the need for professionals who understand this new media well.

Management institutes have realised the new media potential and are exploring various facets and including it in the syllabi.

New elective course

The Indian School of Business (ISB), Hyderabad, in partnership with Directi, a leading web products company based in Mumbai, is now offering a new elective course titled “Leveraging Web2.0 - Social Media, Online Advertising & Web Analytics”.

Some of the topics that are covered in the course are harnessing Web2.0 in the workplace, building online communities, introduction to paid online marketing, introduction to web analytics and developing a digital marketing plan.

This specialised six-week course has been structured as a full credit course from the erstwhile one-credit pass-fail course that was conducted mostly on weekends.

The course is designed to understand the Internet advertising marketplace and the fundamental changes that are taking place in the marketing landscape, given the introduction of social media and digital technologies.

The course is designed to aid students develop effective online marketing campaigns, use web analytics to measure the effectiveness and quality of marketing campaigns, and synthesise online advertising and social media in integrated marketing plans, says Sriram Gopalakrishnan, Director-Marketing & Communications, ISB.

Gaining prominence

Tarun Davda, Director, Strategy & Business Development, Directi, feels given the rapid increase in the number of online audiences worldwide, online marketing is gaining prominence in the larger landscape of marketing plans.

The course equips upcoming business executives to use and profit from these innovative technologies and digital marketing strategies.