Students aim to generate interest amongschool-goers in government institutions inextra-curricular activities.

Education is not about just marks but learning for life. Believing in this, a group of students from BITS Pilani Hyderabad are on a mission to make the lesser-privileged students to follow the mantra for success.

The students have set up a group ‘Valonia' to take this mission forward. “We aim to create an enterprise wherein we impact our educational system and bring about long-required changes in it,” says Swapnil Vats, a third-year Mechanical Engineering student at BITS Hyderabad.

“Education in schools should have features beyond textbook reading and examinations,” feel his three other friends Kavya Reddy, Gowrav Duggal and Ruben Sharma. “We are good in various fields and we want to use our talents to generate interest among government schoolchildren in extra-curricular activities,” says Swapnil.

The team has conducted several workshops not only in government schools but also popular private schools and for school dropouts. The team ensures that through the workshops students understand academics better and they have a unique personality of their own. “Every child is special, hence we provide individual evaluation and analysis for every student participating in our event,” says Swapnil.

The dedicated team specialised in various fields of interest is open to collaborations with various bodies and professionals to empower school students with the tools for tomorrow.

Apart from workshops they want to conduct shows, olympiads, quizzes, subject specific projects along with students who want to join them in their endeavour.

Recently, the team conducted an olympiad for students from different schools in Andhra Pradesh that received good response. They have also launched a programme ‘Abhilasha' wherein they provide services to students of economically weaker sections free of charge or at extremely subsidised costs.

They can be reached at or

The group can be reached at or